Be aware of scams

So, you’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, looking through magazines and all different forms of social media, and you see all these amazing transformations. This inspires you to want to make changes to your current lifestyle. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, or just simply looking to get “fit”, you know that you want to make that change. But, where do you start?

You see way too often all these “magic” and “quick” ways around weight loss. I am here to tell you to be careful. It happens OFTEN, and I mean OFTEN, that the transformations you see online, are photos of people who lost the weight differently, and the company just used these photos to make you believe that person lost weight/gained weight using their product. It’s bogus, and you need to be cautious about that.

Once you have mastered that, you need to get it in your head that there is no healthy and quick way to lose weight (Key words: quick and healthy). If your goal is to keep the weight off, you need to know that it’s going to take time, dedication, patience and consistency! If you’re not willing to put in the work, you won’t get the results. Why do I say this? I am so disappointed to see people throw their money away and unknowingly waste it. Here’s an example: my mother. God bless that woman, I love her to death. She means the world to me. My mother has always thin. Growing up, she was tall, approximately 115lbs and she felt good in her skin. Well, things change. My mother is now in her late 50’s, she’s had four kids, so you can only imagine that with that, came weight gain. After her first three kids, she went right back down in weight, but after me, the weight stayed. This can be caused by numerous things, but we  won’t get into that right now. Anyways, my mother in the last 5-7 years has always wanted to lose weight, but my mother is one of those people who got suckered into way too many weight loss scams.

My parents moved last summer from our childhood home. While I was up there helping them, I found boxes upon boxes of UNOPENED acai berry chocolates, cookies, shakes. It’s sad, because I know she spent SO much money on it. It was a pyramid scheme – a clever one. “Buy 20 boxes of our product, sell them, make money and lose weight while on our product!” That didn’t happen. She’s bought thousands, and thousands of dollars worth on these bogus “fads”. That’s what these are – they are fads and scams. The reason my mother bought these things is because the company’s are so clever with reeling you in. They know how to target you emotionally, and get you hooked on what they are trying to sell. At the end of the day, these company’s simply want your money, and nothing more.

My mom always wanted to lose weight for a specific date, like most of us. I remember all too clearly that she wanted to lose 20lbs for my brother’s wedding. So, after sitting down with my mom and really trying to get her to realize that these scams actually don’t work, my mom took a different approach to fitness. My mom started attending yoga with her sister, and to her surprise, my mom loved it! She found what she was looking for – something she enjoyed doing, something at low cost, something PHYSICAL and just something to make her feel good about herself. I love my mother, and when she asks me questions about food and fitness, I am more than happy to help out.

The only problem with me helping out, is sometimes I can be very blunt. But at the end of the day, I need to remind myself that I too, was there at some point.

So, let’s wrap this topic up:

There are NO and I mean NO quick and healthy ways around weight loss.

I don’t care if you tell me that you lost weight with these “wraps”, these “detox diets”, these “pills” and so on and so fourth. The real question is, did you keep it off? Did you learn anything? Do you know HOW to live a healthy lifestyle after this? I can guarantee that your answer is no.

What now?

So, now you’re REALLY motivated to get your butt moving. Now that we got that topic out of the way, you’re asking me “what now?” Well, now it’s time to educate you. I’ve spoken in a previous blog about “bro science” diets vs. “IIFYM” diets. There are no right or wrong ways when it comes to these approaches, there is just opinion (and some will say scientific evidence), but we aren’t going into that. Some people will argue until they are blue in the face that their approach is better than yours, and name off a thousand things on their list as to why your approach is wrong. I won’t sit here and tell you that IIFYM is science based and there is factual evidence behind it, and that it’s the right way to your goals. Again, I can sit here and tell you what my opinion is, but that’s not why I am here. Bro science however, has been around for decades, and as you know, time changes and we evolve. So whatever approach you decide on, make sure that you’re happy with it.

Personally, IIFYM works for me. I have been following this approach for nearly 2 years now, and I have absolutely no desire to change it. My biggest challenge during my weight loss, was cravings. I didn’t know how to get past them. IIFYM helped with that. I was able to have whatever it is I wanted, but following certain guidelines. You can take a look at the official website, and read for yourself! When I say guidelines, I am talking about the importance of having your micro-nutrients, your fibre intake and not letting yourself think that these aren’t important – because they ARE. I don’t eat junk food day in and day out – if you take a look at my Instagram, you’ll see that I follow a relatively clean diet.

I’ve also discussed bro science in my previous article (link above). Bro science is typically when one limits their food options (I.e.: fish, chicken, broccoli, asparagus, oatmeal, sweet potato) and nothing more. People who follow this approach will eat clean 7 days a week, with the exception of one cheat MEAL per week. This said cheat meal is a window where you’re essentially allowed eating whatever it is you want, and I mean whatever….without counting calories. The difference between IIFYM and these cheat meals, is that you’re ALWAYS counting your macro’s while on an IIFYM approach. Which means you will save yourself from potentially over eating thousands of calories, which can be detrimental to your goals.

Bro science is also attached with a shit ton of cardio. Often times, you’ll see people in contest prep doing cardio 7 days a week, twice a day. But with an IIFYM approach, we try and limit cardio as much as possible. That’s not to say that you won’t be doing a lot of cardio – it just depends on where you’re at physically, and what’s your timeline.

There are variables for everything!

Why am I talking about this? It’s simple. Last night, I was approached by someone I once use to hang out with. This person approached me seeking help and advice, as she didn’t have confidence in her trainer any longer, because she had plateaued for 2 months now, and wanted to know if I still “slipped up” and “binged”.

Here’s the thing – that isn’t the trainers fault, that’s where accountability comes in. No one can lose the weight for you and no one can fight that uphill battle for you. Trainers are there to teach you, guide you and support you as long as you’re willing to put in the work. I’ve always been told that if you hired a trainer, they should be the only person you take advice from. Because again, everyone has an opinion.

HOWEVER, after talking to her some more, she started going into details of what she eats in a day. She was consuming a whopping 221g of protein, 94g of carbs and 34g of fat. She was training in the gym 3 days a week, and doing 1 hour of jogging on a treadmill twice a week. She came to me because she felt she couldn’t control her cravings any longer. She was craving literally ANYTHING that had carbs. So, the thing that I essentially told her was to take a look into IIFYM. If the bro science approach (which that’s what she was doing – food restrictions, but no cheat meals) isn’t working for her, then maybe it’s time to look into other options. The second thing, as mentioned above, is accountability. Eventually, if your goals are big enough and important enough to you, eventually you need to take control.

Wrapping it up

At the end of the day, I can’t stress enough that weight loss is a journey. It takes patience, it takes knowledge, it takes accountability and work. It’s not going to happen over night, but I promise you that if you stay consistent, and you stay truthful to yourself, you WILL achieve your goals. Figure out what best suits your needs and your lifestyle, and what will work for you. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people. Take the time to change your life around, because at the end of the day, this is your life to live. You can chose to live happy and confident or you can chose to look back and wished that you did something earlier.

This blog is just an opinionated blog and it’s not to be taken any other way. I write based on personal experience and I do not claim to be someone I am not. Please take any advice as seen fit, and message me if you have any questions – I would be happy to help!

As always, follow me on Instagram to see where I am at in my journey to the stage.