I want to start off by apologizing for being MIA for the last few months. If I am being quite honest, I have focused most, if not all, of my energy on the gym and my lifestyle. With prep starting in just 1.5 weeks, I am going to try and set some time aside to keep blogging. So let’s start with 2016 – the year that changed my life!

As mentioned in other blogs, I decided in November 2015 that enough was enough. I was sick and tired of feeling lethargic, feeling depressed, having ZERO confidence mentally and physically. I felt defeated. I had drive, but I didn’t have the knowledge to do it on my own. So, I came across a friend of mine’s Facebook page, and I decided to message him about working with me.

In November 2015, I started with said coach. His approaches were one’s I didn’t quite understand. He used the “If It Fits Your Macro’s” approach…which I had ZERO clue about. Like everyone else, I had my doubts. I didn’t want to eat bread, I didn’t want to eat past 7pm, I wanted to stay away from fruit, I also didn’t want to start “cutting” at 1738 calories…like HELLO! Isn’t 1200 where I should start? WRONG! I had to make a decision, I had to decide whether or not I was going to trust his approach and stick to it 100%.

Small/Big Goals:

Entering 2016, I heard about a contest that ran for 3 months. The one’s who were chosen to win, was going to be the one’s who obtained the greatest transformation. There was money on the line, and the opportunity to work towards a goal. I felt a 3 month challenge was the perfect “big” goal to work towards, so I told my coach about it. The contest was starting March 28, 2016 and ending June 29, 2016. This was the PERFECT opportunity to see a) what I can do; and b) does this IIFYM approach really work?

I felt it was important to set smaller goals in the interim. I would always reward myself with clothes, or things…NOT food. That was a first for me. So, examples of smaller goals were:

  • Lose 5lbs, buy a pair of gym pants
  • Follow your macro’s without going over or under for 1 week – go out to a movie
  • Get that extra round of HIIT in, and buy your favourite protein bars

Those are just some examples that kept me on track.

Here were my big goals for 2016:

  • Complete the 3 month challenge
  • Get down to 130lbs
  • Start thinking about competing

The start of 2016:

My weight entering January 2016 was: 137.4lbs (I had already lost approximately 10lbs following IIFYM from November 2015 – January 2016). Which kept me feeling hopeful, and good about my goals. At the start of the contest on March 28, 2016, I weighed 132.8, which was a 4.6lbs difference. At this point, that didn’t bother me, because I was already feeling SO happy with my body. I was gaining confidence, my clothes was starting to get too big, I was just a much lighter and happier person both physically and mentally. It’s funny what happens when you put trust into a coach and believe not only in them and their approaches, but you believe in yourself.

Weight: 132.8

The Contest:

The contest was difficult. It was challenging. It was difficult trying to push the thoughts out of my head that I needed to do cardio 7 days a week and stay away from certain types of food. But, I chose to fight those urges and continue listening to my coach. Because let’s be honest, I was already down almost 15lbs since November 2015.

After the first month passed, my boyfriend and I decided no more cheat meals. We weren’t going to go out on Saturday night and splurge anymore. We were going to stick to my macro’s, and make food at home. That was also very challenging, as I love sushi and I love Pho!

By the end of the contest, I weighed 123.8lbs!

  1. I lost a total of 9lbs in 3 months

No one can ever take that feeling away from me. I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD! I not only achieved my goal…I absolutely crushed it.


Did I win the contest? No and yes at the same time. No I didn’t win the cash prize, the trip or the fame. But, I won with myself. I had never weighed so little before, I had never felt so confident, I had never felt like my goals were this achievable before. But…I did it!

The second half of 2016:

After the contest was over, my coach and I parted ways. I felt that I could handle July and August by myself, and chose to return mid-September. I decided to continue losing weight (the stubborn stuff) up until September 2016. I managed to get all the way down to 117 lbs! That is INSANE! However, by September, I was miserable. I lacked energy, I wasn’t sleeping, I was hungry all the time, and the mood swings were terrible. Steve and I went to Toronto early September, and there were parts of our trip where I was just absolutely miserable. Not because of him, of course! I just had no energy anymore. So, it was time to start thinking about my other big goal – competing in 2017. I decided to contact my coach and touch base, in hopes to start thinking about the next steps. However, I hit a speed bump. He was unable to take me on as a client due to his focus on his career – which was understandable! So, I decided to read up on “reverse dieting” and try and tackle it myself until I found a coach.

As of November 2016, I decided to hire a coach that had very similar approaches to my old coach (they know each other). It was time to start thinking about prep, which meant bringing up my calories slowly, and yes, adding some weight. That was scary and remained a very difficult thing for me.

As of today, February 15, 2017…I am only 1.5 weeks away from beginning my prep for my show. I am competing in the bikini class in June 2017, and I am bracing myself.